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Transportation Sensory Kit

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Engage your little ones with our latest sensory pack! 

The transportation sensory kit consists of 

1. Waterbeads that act as water 

2. Thetinytrove’s playdough that act as land 

3. Cotton balls that act as air. 

4. Learning cards which cones in A6 size.

Products are also available of the choice of learning cards only, sensory items like water beads, cotton balls and Thetinytrove’s playdough. 

Description of learning cards 

 Perfect for the little hands.

This 3-in-1 activity features tracing, puzzle, and sorting of the different transportations. 4 pages of pre-writing for kids turning 3.

4 pages of 1 piece puzzle.

3 pages of sorting the various transportation to air, land and water. 


Cart this out a birthday pack if your child loves transportation theme!