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Supermarket Chinese Dramatic Play Store Kit

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In collaboration with Mich.Crochet, we have brought to you a Supermarket dramatic play kit for you at home. 

This Supermarket dramatic play kit consists of 

  1. Thejoylearner’s Printables in hardcopy, all laminated for easy set-up. 
  2. Mich.Crochet’s handmade with love fruits basket which consists of a basket, strawberry, Apple, banana, grape and orange for fun Supermarket dramatic pretend play!

Mich.crochet’s fruits basket is selling it at $40 individually. Purchase it with our hardcopy Printables to save more! 

Thejoylearner’s Printables in hardcopy version is also available individually at $15.90. It includes the following:

  • Pictures of some 猪肉,鸡肉,鱼,水果和菜. 
  • Order lists to encourage counting and hand-writing practises. 
  • Matching activities 


Do note that the Supermarket dramatic play kit is on preorder as the fruit baskets are all handmade with love! It will take approximately 2 weeks to reach you! 


We have completed our Preorder for our food store dramatic play kit bundle ! Do head over to 

Papercarpenter to order your very own food store if you are interested in getting one! 

Why did we choose Papercarpenter ?

Papercarpenter is the only cardboard design agency in Singapore that embrace sustainable design concepts using the fold and lock method to produce cardboard furniture which minimize the use of tools and glue. All their cardboard materials are 100% recyclable. Papercarpenter constantly find ways to reduce carbon footprints, as together we believe in the importance of doing our part to save the Earth.

This supermarket dramatic play allows your child to learn Chinese words and communication through dramatic play.