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Thank you Our Joy of Learning for designing these routines for The Joy Learners.

Here are some benefits for having a routine for children.

1️⃣Routines help children feel safe, develop life skills and build healthy habits.
2️⃣ Routines make activities predictable and thus lesser tantrum and unwillingness to corporate.
3️⃣Routines help parents feel organised, especially for parents who are disciplined in nature.

Routines Printables 

1) Plan a week of activities for your little ones to be excited and to look forward.

2) Laminate these activities and Velcro it to allow your child to have a sense of accomplishment when complete certain tasks.

Our recommended suggestions for daily routine will be to have an hour of free play, an hour of outdoor play , 30mins of screen time, reading time, dinner and shower time. 

We highly recommend you to plan this routine with those aged 5 and above so that they will be responsible on what learning activities to fulfil on that day.