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Nuts & Bolts + Shapes, Numbers & Pattern Interactive book

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Shapes, numbers and pattern interactive book
For 2-3 years old, they can use the Pom Pom to place along the sides of these shapes and learn how to count from 1 to 10.
After 3 years old, your child can learn how to trace and spell these words. Using the 10-frame helps them to visualize addition and subtraction within 10.

Lastly, our pattern page allows your child to come up with different pattern with the Pom Pom. You can use this page to play a guessing game with them too.


Suitable for 24 months and above


Nuts & Bolts

A simple but effective exercise for developing motor control for toddlers and young children.

These jumbo nuts and bolts offer guidance in the early stages of visual perception.

For age 1, this toy allows children to focus their attention on the movement

and placement of objects as they become aware of balance, coordination and gravity.

Other than strengthening motor skill through tightening and loosening the nuts and bolts, we have also infused elements of colour sorting, shape matching, counting and follow-the-pattern.  

This is perfect for the toddler and preschoolers.

Fun bag include;
The 15 play cards are segregated according to 4 areas:Sorting, Matching, Counting and Sequence

6 sets of bolts and nuts. 6 colors, 4 different shapes.


Adult involvement may be needed to guide the child through each activity.

*Encouragement and support will help your child grow.

Made of environmentally friendly material, do not stimulate the skin , non toxic, tasteless, without BPA polyethylene, laboratory testing approved.

Suitable for 12 months and above