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Little Cookhouse’s Around the world programme

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Around the world with Thejoylearners X Littlecookhouse 

This is a pre-recorded lesson ! All Around the world members will be able to access the lessons for a length of period of half a year. 

This is a 5 weeks class and curriculum focus on using around the world theme to engage children in English, Mathematics, Art&Craft and cookery class. 

It comes with learning activities and ingredients packed for busy parents. 

Week 1, Getting aboard and let’s visit United States of America - 28 Nov 2020

English - Vocabulary on luggage’s essentials and landmarks 

Math - Ordinal numbers 

History - Who are the presidents in Mt Rushmore ?

Art&Craft - Make a burger craft 

Cookery - Burger cupcake 

Week 2- Japan - 5 Dec 2020 

English - Vocabulary on Japan’s landmarks 

Math - Counting 

Art&Craft - Make a Sakura craft, ninja craft and sushi platter 

Cookery -dorayaki

Week 3- France - 12 Dec 2020

English - Vocabulary on France’s landmarks and food 

Math - Addition 

Art&Craft - Eiffel Tower craft 

Cookery - french apple tart

Week 4- China - 19 Dec 2020

English - Vocabulary on China’s landmarks 

Math - Comparison (biggest and smallest)

Multiples of two and more than/fewer than 

Art&Craft - Panda mask 

Cookery- spring onion pancake

Week 5 - Italy - 26 Dec 2020

English - Vocabulary on Italy’s  landmarks 

Math - Measurements

 Art&Craft - Pizza craft 

Cookery- pasta

 There are a few options that you can choose !

1) Thejoylearners and Littlecookhouse online blended lesson- $290

$150(TJL lessons) with $140 (LCH cooking class) ! Save $10 and shipment fees! 

This includes all TJL’s lesson and LCH’s cooking lesson. All learning materials and cooking ingredients will be mailed to you. 

2) Thejoylearners’s online pre-recorded teaching videos - $150 

This includes all TJL’s lesson. All learning materials will be mailed to you. 

3) Thejoylearners’s online live and pre-recorded teaching videos - $200 

Thejoylearner’s live lesson is on every Saturday from 10.15am-11.00am. 

4) Littlecookhouse’s individual cooking class is also available - $30