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Learning Board

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Learning Board (in stock) 

Introducing the one and only wooden learning board where you can use it to:

1️⃣Read, build and write
2️⃣Form number sentences
3️⃣Form Chinese sentences
4️⃣ Mathematics counting activity

Each bundle comes with a marker.

Our board can be paired with d amazing playroom coins.

Use any whiteboard marker and you are good to go!

There are 2 options to choose from!
Option 1 : Learning board and marker

Option 2: Learning board, Alphabet coins (Reversible coins and 2 sets of vowel coins) with marker

Features of the board : 1️⃣Card/ Paper holder
2️⃣Tray to place the coins or use for sensory tracing. 3️⃣White board space for writing.

Limited stocks available!