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Dear mummies and daddies,

We are going to bring our Alphabet Club into a blended learning approach. 

Blending learning means to incorporate e-Learning with home learning activities. 
You are now able to access to our lessons anywhere and anytime. By hearing the lessons consistently, your child will be able to process the sound of the phonics. 

All sign-ups are able to access to our online classes till the end of the year, 31st December 2020. 

This curriculum is designed and prepared by homelearning/teacher mummy, Lynette from ourjoyoflearning, Adeline from Bubzexplorer and Cindy. Lynette and Adeline are former educators and have been conducting workshops and playgroups. Lynette and Adeline also conduct numerous home based learning activities at home for their children. 

This is an online learning and curriculum focus on the teaching of alphabet A to H. It comes with daily learning activities from Monday to Friday for 8 weeks. The learning activities revolves around stories that we share during our lesson. You will be able to access the online classes as many times as you want to recap with your child or to let them hear their favourite story again. 

Term 1 (A-D)  $60

Week 1- Alphabet A (One little,two little three little apples) 

Week 2- Alphabet B(We are going on a bear hunt)

Week 3- Alphabet C(The very hungry caterpillar)

Week 4- Alphabet D (Dinosaurs don’t, dinosaurs do) 

Term 2 (E-H) $60

Week 5- Alphabet E (Elmer)

Week 6- Alphabet F ( The little white fish has many friends) 

Week 7- Alphabet G (Goldilocks and the three bears)

Week 8-Alphabet H (Handa’s surprise)

 Registration starts today and close on 21st Aug,2359. Materials will be sent out before 1st Sept 2020 and access will be given on 1st Sept 2020. 

If you would like to sign up for 2 terms, do purchase both term 1 and 2. 


This lesson includes, 

  1. 4 X 30mins session of Zoom class 

The Zoom class includes a welcome song, phonics learning, storytelling activities, literacy or Math learning activities. 

    2. 1 month/4 weeks of learning materials from Monday to Friday. 

Your child will receive our hardcopy learning materials and a lesson plan from Monday to Friday.