The Joy Learners x The Tiny Trove

All About Singapore

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In this book kit, your little ones will be reading about ‘The Incredible story’ which features the olden days of Singapore. They will also be learning about some iconic attractions and local delights and be able to expose to sensory play where they can use the playdough from The Tiny Trove to make these local delights. 

This book kit consists of :
1) The Incredible Basket book by Quek Hong Shin
2) 14 learning cards with matching words
3) 1 tub of playdough of 3 colours (360grams)
4) 2 playdough tools
5) 1 Ang ku kueh mould 


Brought to you together with OurJoyofLearning , The Tiny Trove and LearningwithABC.