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Alphabet Club Term 1 with Rewritable Flashcards

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Leadtime is around 1.5 weeks as of 1st June 2021.

 Purchase The Alphabet Club term 1 with our in house designed rewriteable cards for only $111.90. 

This is an online learning and curriculum focus on the teaching of the phonics sound and words beginning with letters A to D. It comes with daily learning activities from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks. The learning activities revolves around stories that we share during our lesson. You will be able to access the online classes as many times as you want to recap with your child or to let them hear their favourite story again. With our in house designed Alphabet Cards, your child can better associate with the song taught in the lesson and start to trace and write letters.

This is a recorded lesson! All Alphabet Club members will be able to access the lesson for 6 months since the date of purchase.

Term 1 (A-D) 

Week 1- Letter A (One little, two little three little apples) 

Week 2- Letter B(We are going on a bear hunt)

Week 3- Letter C(The very hungry caterpillar)

Week 4- Letter D (Dinosaurs don’t, dinosaurs do) 

 Registration starts on 14th April, 8pm and close on 19th April. Materials will be sent out after 19th April and access will be given when we arrange for courier.

 This lesson includes, 

  1. 4 X 30mins session of Zoom class 

The Zoom class includes a welcome song, phonics learning, storytelling activities, literacy or Math learning activities. 

    2. 1 month/4 weeks of learning materials from Monday to Friday. 

Your child will receive our hardcopy learning materials and a lesson plan from Monday to Friday. 

Live lessons will be conducted every Saturday , 10.30am - 11am by Teacher Jiovanna beginning 24th April for 4 consecutive weeks. (limited spaces available)