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Kindness Jar - Solar System

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Kindness Jar (Pre-order available from 22nd September 2021-29th September 2021)

Tired of constantly yelling your little ones when they don't cooperate with you ?

Well, why not try this method ! Successful parenting doesn’t have to be so difficult. 


The Kindness jar is a simple positive parenting method that act as a positive reinforcement. It can definitely produce better outcomes more than any punishment or disciplining of adverse behaviors.

Choose from a wide range of designs and add customized names on your kindness jar.

Option 1 - Kindess jar only 

This product includes,

1) A Kindness Jar - Size of your hand with customised name and design of your choice.

2) 20 white acrylic stars

Option 2 - Kindness jar and “What does it mean to be kind?” book. 

1) Kindness jar

2) What does it mean to be kind?” book from Books4tots 

3) 20 white acrylic stars

**Kindly include your child's name at remarks for name customization.**

Do note take as this product require customization, it takes 2-3 weeks after pre-order has closed next week.