Junior Club (Term 2)

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Enrollment opened

No registration fees , deposit or a lock in period of 3 months as compared to other enrichment classes. 

All classes are held online and can be done anywhere , anytime.

Option 1 : Zoom live lesson : 4 lessons starting on every Saturday from 24th April 2021 onwards  (limited capacity)  , you can access to our pre-recorded videos too. First come first serve basis. 

Tine : 11.30am-12pm

Option 2: Pre-recorded teaching videos valid for 6 months suitable for parents with hectic schedules. 

This is a guide to what our content has:

  1. Recap beginning sounds
  2. Word family
  3. Reading and learning how to do sequencing
  4. Comprehension
  5. Craft
  6. Sight words

Junior club aims to strengthen preschooler’s ability to learn phonics beginning sound, word recognitions and sight words. 

24th April:  Week 1, Word family, 'am'

Storytelling - Malina's Jam

  • Learn words family of 'am'

8th May: Week 2, Word family, 'ed'

Storytelling - A big bed for Little Snow.

  • Learn words family of 'ed'.

15th May: Week 3, Word family, 'en'

Storytelling - Are these Hen's Eggs?

  • Learn words family of 'en'.

22th May: Week 4- Word family, 'et'.

  Storytelling - The Perfect Pet.

  • Learn words family of 'et'.

After each live session, recording will be uploaded every mid day of Saturday. 

All learning materials will be sent to you if you are based in Singapore after 12th April 2021. 

It includes a ring file and learning materials. 

Benefits of our programmes!

  1. No traveling time. 
  2. Understanding your child’s learning needs and deposition. 
  3. Learn together with your child. 
  4. Readily materials to kickstart learning with your child. 

If you are based in overseas, we will be providing you the e-printable for self - printing.

All members will be able to access to our resource centre for free Printables and exclusive Facebook group.