Joylearner Playdates

With the Covid-19 situation, families are staying at home instead of going out to minimise their risk of contracting Covid-19. We have paused all playdates as of now. But fret not, there are many fun activities that we can do indoors.

The Joy Learners have curated a series activities you can do at home! Check them out here!

Stay healthy & safe! :)

About Joylearner Playdates

A series of learn and play session is based on the inquiry-based learning pedagogy, mainly engage, explore and extend. We hope that children will be intrinsically motivated to learn after attending our class.

Our Pedagogy

  • Engage – We use music and storytelling to engage the children and spark their curiosity in the theme
  • Explore – Through the sensory stations, the children get to play and explore using their senses
  • Extend – The children will do a craft work and creates their very own terrarium

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