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Alphabet Club Term 4 Letters M to Q LIVE

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Dear mummies and daddies,

Welcome to our Alphabet Club term 4 where we will be focusing on letter M to Q. Term 4 consists of 5 lessons. 

This curriculum is designed and prepared by homelearning/teacher mummy, Lynette from ourjoyoflearning, Adeline from Bubzexplorer and Cindy. 

Lynette and Adeline are former educators and have been conducting workshops and playgroups. Lynette and Adeline also conduct numerous home based learning activities at home for their children. 

This is a 5 weeks class and curriculum focus on the teaching of letter M to Q. It comes with daily learning activities from Monday to Friday.

All Alphabet Club members will be able to access the lesson for 6 months since the date of purchase.

Term 4 starts on 7 August 2021, Saturday !

Week 1- Letter M , Mouse Paints 

Learn how primary colour mixes to become secondary colour. 

Week 2- Letter N, The best nest

Making a nest art and craft 

Week 3- Letter O, Oliver's Salad

Making of Oliver's salad

Week 4- Alphabet P , Three little pigs 

Three little pigs art and craft 

Week 5- Alphabet Q- Quick, quack, Quentin

Make a duck craft in class. 

 Materials will be sent out by before the class! 

  1. 5 X 30mins session of pre-recorded class , lesson M to Q

The pre-recorded class includes a welcome song, phonics learning, storytelling activities, literacy or Math learning activities. 

    2. 1 month of learning materials (Monday to Friday)

Your child will receive our hardcopy learning materials and a lesson plan from Monday to Friday.