Kindness Jar

Kindness Jar

What is a Kindness Jar?

A kindness jar can be used to act as a positive reinforcement and it can be ways to raise kind children. 

Are you tired of being a constant disciplinarian, constantly yelling and nagging at your child over keeping messy toys and completing homework all day long? We totally understand your frustrations and it can be quite daunting, especially to work from home with kids. 

However, successful parenting doesn't have to be difficult.

Try using kindness jar to motivate your child. 

What is Positive Reinforcement? Read this post on what did B.F. Skinner said in his theory of operant conditioning. 

What is a negative reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement can produce better outcomes more than any punishment or disciplining of adverse behaviors.

Here are some benefits for practicing positive reinforcement with your child.

1) Encourage better responses. 

2) Build a positive relationship with your child.

3) Develop a child's character.

4) Develop a child's self-esteem. 

The best thing about the Kindness Jar is, it created a concrete means for offering positive reinforcement for the behaviors that you wanted to see from your child. Instead of giving tangible rewards like sweets, stars will reinforce positive behavior and gained better cooperation from your child.

Reward a star for your child for a good act, like taking initiatives to keep their toys.  

A kindness jar can also be used to raise kind children. 

Have you asked your child what does kindness mean to them? Try asking them this question before showing them what is meant to be kind.

We love this book, " What does it mean to be kind?" from

Young children are naturally self-centered. It is their inner nature to be self-centered. However, young children are generally kind and innocent. As adult, we need to model and show them the right values. Having compassion and empathy for others is something they must learn overtime.

However, we do not need to tell our children that, "if you do this, if you perform this act," you will be rewarded a star. Working towards for rewards, is the least thing that we want our child to act on. 

A surprise "STAR" from observing a good act from your child, will show them a good deed that they have done.