Halloween activities for you to try with your little ones this season!

Halloween activities for you to try with your little ones this season!

Dear mummies and daddies, 

How are you coping with your little ones recently? Are you currently still staying home? We understand that due to the pandemic, you maybe a little worried to head out. Thus, we got you and we have created some Halloween thematic printables for you and your little ones to try it at home.

Here are some ideas that you can try these Halloween printables with your little ones. 


Have you downloaded this set of printable? And for members from The Alphabet Club, Junior Club and Le Bei, you may get this set of printables for free at our resource center.

Here are some amazing activities ranging from Phonics to Mathematics to Art and Craft that you can do with your little ones. 

Halloween witch craft

Things to prepare to invite your little ones to make the witch craft, 

  • The Joy Learners's 2021 Halloween printables
  • Loose parts art and craft materials like pom pom, gem, paints and jewels.
  • Shapes construction papers from Ikea. 

Look at how our little Joy Learners who have enjoyed making their very own witches. 

Ghost craft 

You can also get your little ones to either paint or colour on the ghost.

And do you know that messy play is actually beneficial for our children?

Many parents are put off by messy play. However, many studies have shown that messy play is one of the best ways for our children to learn and develop. And one activity that will get our children really messy is art and craft and sensory play. 

Remember to help them to put on an apron if you do not want their shirt to get a little bit too dirty. 

Make a witch potion- a sensory activity

This activity has always been a hit for our little ones. Children enjoys watching fizzy bubbles and reactions. Using these ingredients that you can easily get from the supermarket, pretend to make a witch potion with your little ones.

The pumpkin basket can also be bought from NTUC finest. 

And if you have missed last year Halloween printables, remember to download. 

That's all for today! Do take care everyone !