Graduating class of 2021- The Junior Club

Graduating class of 2021- The Junior Club

The Joy Learners team would like to congratulate our little Joy Learners for completing 5 terms of The Junior Club.

Last month, our founder, teacher Adeline and curriculum director, teacher Lynette went around the island of Singapore to pass our little Joy learners a gift and certificate of completion.

Let's hear from the little Joy Learner's mummies on what they feel about The Junior Club! 

Congratulations to the these Little Joy Learners once again for your perseverance in completing our 5 terms of Junior Club ! The Joy Learners team is so proud of you. 

Our proud Little Joy Learners are, 

1) Caeleen

2) Faith

3) Christine

4) Elliot 

5) Xephlyn

6) Jade

7) Kieran

8) Miranda

9) Nathan

10) Aiden

Lastly, thank you mummies for believing and trusting your child's learning with us.

We are so heartened to hear that many of the little joy learners have enjoyed our learning activities.

Every words of positive affirmation motivates us to create more fun and engaging learning activities for busy mummies.  

Thank you and we hope to see the next batch of Class of 2022 for Junior Club, next year !