10 stay home learning activities Part 1

10 stay home learning activities Part 1

Hello mummies and daddies, 

We hope that you and your family have been well. This week, there has been a rising covid-19 cases, Thus, The Joy Learners' mummies have decided to come out with these 10 stay home learning activities that you can do with your little ones at home. 

We understand how difficult it is to be working from home and have to take care of your children. You must be wondering how to keep them engaged in playing independently ? And we always hope that they can play longer so that we can continue to work from home. 

We are all mummies and we totally understand your frustrations. Thus, we hope that these ideas will help you to tide through these difficult moments. 

These activities are suitable for age 13 months - 6 years old.

ACTIVITY 1 : Loose parts PLAY (18months - 6 years old)

Loose parts play is a term coined by architect Simon Nicholson. Nicholson believed that children are creative and that “loose parts” in an environment will empower their creativity. Thus, many early childhood educators adapted the theory of loose parts.

Loose parts encourage open-ended learning. Imagine a cardboard can be used as a play for car, a bus or an aeroplane. Poms poms can be imagined to be medicine or fishballs. 

And the best part is that loose parts can be any objects found in the household. My suggestions will be to find any materials in the household to start your loose part play with. Observe what your child will be coming up with during their loose parts play. 

Examples of loose parts can be,

  1. Toilet rolls
  2. Straws
  3. Pipe cleaners
  4. Playdough
  5. googly eyes
  6. Gems
  7. Seashells
  8. Cups 
  9. Caps
  10. Ribbons

Follow our co-founder, @ourjoyoflearning for more loose parts play activity and how she connects to learning. 

Time engaged : 1-2hours of play

ACTIVITY 2 : Sensory PLAY (13months - 5 years old)

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a young child's senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance.

You can fill up your sensory tray with sands, water, beans and even water beads for a fun sensory play session. 

Follow our founder, @bubzexplorer for more sensory activities.

Time engaged : 1-2hours of play

ACTIVITY 3 : Corridor PLAY (13months -6 years old)


We understand that children need space to run, move and have lots of fun. If you have some space at your corridor, you can get your children to scoot around the corridor, have a game of soccer or do some water play activities. I will highly recommend this Children's small swimming pool Tidipool from Decathalon. 

You can get this online too! 


Time engaged : 1-2hours of play

ACTIVITY 4 : Games at home (4-6 years old)

 Types of games to play

  1. Sequence game
  2. Monopoly
  3. Connect 4
  4. Snake and ladder
  5. Jenga
  6. Uno stacko

Time engaged : 1-2hours of play

ACTIVITY 5 : Journal writing (4.5- 6years old)

Get your child to do some journal writing. Journal writing can come in the forms of writing about their day and things that they have recently read. 

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Time engaged : 1 hour of play

If you are a mummy or daddy reading this, we hope that this post, will help you to tide through these difficult moments.





Lynette, Adeline and Cindy